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Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC)

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707 Gaines St SW
Portland, OR 97201
Multnomah County
United States
main: 503-494-8095
free: 800-452-3563
fax: 503-494-4447

Mission: To ensure that persons in Oregon with developmental disabilities and other chronic disabling conditions are identified and recieve exemplary services through programs of public health, clinical service, education and research.

Description: The CDRC improves the lives of individuals with disabilities or special health needs through leadership and effective partnerships with individuals, families, communities, and public and private agencies. We serve as an exemplary local, state, and national resource through our commitment to excellence in interdisciplinary clinical practice, research, education, policy development, and community service.
The Child Development and Rehabilitation Center:
*Serves as an education and research center for health professionals,
*Provides interdisciplinary clinical services for persons with developmental disabilities and other special health care needs,
*Serves as the state's Title V Agency for children with special health needs, and
*Supports the philosophy of partnership with families, health care providers and the community

Accessibility: Wheelchair

Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm Mon - Fri

Service Area: Washington County
Target Ages: 0-21

Clinical Services Building University of Oregon
901 E 18th Ave
Eugene, OR 97403
United States
    main: 800-637-0700
free: 800-637-0700
Accessibility: Wheelchair

Products & Services:
Autism Program
Behavioral Pediatrics Treatment Service
Child Development Clinic
CIMT Program
Communication Disorders Program
Community Connections Network
Craniofacial Disorders
Dental Clinic
Developmental Follow-Up Clinic
Genetics and Birth Defects
Metabolic Clinic
Neurobehavioral Program
Neurodevelopmental Clinic
Nutrition Program
Occupational Therapy Clinic
Oregon Regional Hemophilia Program
Physical Therapy
Psychology Treatment Services Program
Social Work Clinical Program
Spina Bifida Program

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